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Malisa Brendlinger

Professional Beauty Artist & Master Stylist


▫️Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I am a wife, mama and doggie mom! I don’t have a favorite color... I like them all, Especially the neons (if they count🤣).

▫️In my spare time I sing & song-write along with my hubs, he plays guitar professionally & we enjoy entertaining. Husband and I met over a decade ago through mutual friends & fast forward to today we have 🎀 Two Littles 🎀(second one is on the way...) and pup of 7yrs Jackson🐶. 

Love my little family they are Everything 🔹Everyday🔹 Everytime!!!

▫️I started my beauty journey when I was a little girl growing up in my Mom’s Salons. I was extremely resistant to be in this field for years and years because I have a huge passion for the medical industry and wanted to pursue that, However my passion for beauty was much stronger and included quite a bit of a medical background. I realized subconsciously after a very long time that It would always end up coming back me full circle and I’d find myself immersing myself in it...

▫️So here I am coming at you full blast in every aspect of the Beauty World & what it has to offer.

▫️That is simply just how I do things...I’m all in or nothing at all. I literally do it all regarding services & would have it no other way because I enjoy what I do so much. I’m grateful that I am not limited to just one specialty.

▫️I strive to keep myself seasoned in multiple areas of the industry so that people have someone that they can trust, they know will provide quality, truly cares about the end result & guests satisfaction.

▫️I constantly stay up to the minute in Skin care, Eyelash Extensions, Waxing, Hair Design, Hair Color, Barbering, Special Event Makeup & so much more. 
I enjoy learning & perfecting my skills to give my guests the best of me🤍.

▫️It is so nice to “Officially” meet you & I’m sure we will talk soon.

-Malisa B.💋

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